Stupendous Baccarat Online at Grand Rush Casino

With top table games like baccarat online, incredible slots, and Live Dealer options to up the excitement level that much more, Grand Rush Casino is the perfect place for players to be. Offering a live baccarat online option into the bargain, you can get your fill of social interaction from the comfort of your own home if you want to as well. 

We are proud to make it as easy as can be to play baccarat online. And you can certainly look forward to potentially boosting your bankroll pretty significantly when you play baccarat online for real money!

Grand Rush Casino has been going strong with its baccarat online and varied game catalog since its inception in 2006 and we are licensed and regulated by the esteemed Curaçao eGaming Authority. This means that our game outcomes are provably fair, and you’ll always get your winnings when you want them.

How to Play Baccarat Casino Online Games

When you play baccarat online for real money at Grand Rush casino, you will bet on the Player or Banker hand to get closest to nine points, or wager on a Tie occurring.

Aces are worth one point, the cards two through nine are taken at face value, and the 10, Jack, Queen, and King are worth nothing in baccarat casino online games. If a hand ends up with a total exceeding nine points, the first digit is discarded. So, in the case of an eight and a four being dealt, for a total of 12, the actual result will be two points.

Casino chips with Ace of hearts and Ace of clubs cards

Betting Options for Baccarat Online

Whether you are playing a virtual version or live baccarat online, there are three wagering options. When you’re logged in at the best online baccarat site, Grand Rush Casino, you can bet on the Player hand getting nine points or closest to that number, the Banker hand doing so, or a Tie. 

The payouts for each wager are different, which makes playing virtual or live baccarat online so exciting. Returns for a winning bet on the Player are 1:1 and it’s 0.95:1 on a winning Banker hand, because the house takes a 5% commission. If you predict a Tie outcome correctly, payouts are 8:1.

Strategies for Playing Baccarat Online

There is a Third Card Rule in place when you play real money baccarat online at Grand Rush Casino. Both hands are initially dealt two cards, but there is a rule regarding a third that comes into play in certain circumstances.

You don’t need to know this information particularly to start paying, since it’s handled automatically by either the Random Number Generator software governing a virtual game or the croupier in the case of a Live baccarat online game. When you’re ready to learn it, however, it can become a helpful tool in creating a strategy that works for you. 

It all comes down to the score of the Player’s hand, with the Third Card Rule determining whether or not that hand should get another card. The value of the third card dealt will then also determine what action pertains to the Banker’s hand in a real money baccarat online casino game. 

This information is relatively detailed, since it applies to each card in the deck, so it’s not possible to list it all here. But a quick online search will bring up a chart that’s easy for you to print out and refer to as you test your options in terms of Baccarat online strategy.

Baccarat Casino Online Tips

Baccarat online is as popular as it is largely because it is so utterly dependent on luck. You don’t need to commit complicated strategies to memory or follow a strict guideline in order to play properly like you do in Blackjack and Poker, for example. That being said, there are some tips and tricks Grand Rush has put together for you to increase your chances of seeing a return when you play online casino baccarat games with us:

  • Quit While You’re Ahead

If you’re having a great run of luck while playing baccarat online at Grand Rush Casino, we always recommend that you stop playing before it ends! It’s always better to stop playing on a high note and its good practice for avoiding Tilt and chasing losses.

  • Set a Betting Budget and Stick To It

This tip applies to everything available at Grand Rush, not just our online casino baccarat games. The only way to ensure your gambling stays fun is to never spend more than you can afford to lose. This is why we urge our players to work out how much they can reasonably afford to lose on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis, and never exceed that amount.

  • Have a Good Time

That’s what you’re here for, after all!